The 20’s centuries’antique, vintage and signed contempory jewelry includes very large part of high quality and innovative jewelry in both artistic and technical field.
In order to move in the landscape of the unlimited spectrum of jewelry, Blumfields presents on its website the fascinating history of jewelry. From the creations of jewelry signed Blumfields, René Lalique or George Fouquet to 1980’s estates'jewelry. Lady Blumfields, jewelry designer, expert in antique jewelry and well known jewelry’s historian, shows the historical and technical evolution of jewelry and underline the rapid changes occurring in the style and the way to wear these precious objects since the turn of the century.

Several times a month, Blumfields, on under the heading: «jewelry “offers you a selection of Blumfields’signed jewelry to the 20’s century estates’jewelry from France, Italy, USA and the Japan ... illustrating the major trends. Each jewelry illustration gives the importance of the piece and its place in the various times as well as its current value.

The choice of jewelry presented by LADY BLUMFIELD relates to craftsmen’s work and real part of creation, and is not made of jewelry only with beautiful stones. Blumfields’ jewelry selections are part of the cultural heritage. Jewelry signed Blumfields and estates’jewelry selected by Blumfelds is a contemporary seduction weapon and a "tangible” asset