Lady Blumfields is the second generation of jewelry designers and collectors of ancient jewels and precious stones.

Ever since her youngest age, she has bathed in a world of beauty, well-made things, creativity and absolute refinement.

Ever since her childhood, which was marked by excellence, she has made some extraordinary encounters and has left on sumptuous travels, but she would always find refuge in her knowledge of jewels and stones of all ages and origins.

« They must be wearable and must be worn ! »… And they must be chosen carefully… « Why look ridiculous when you can be elegant ? » Her lapidarian sentences are legendary !

Drawing on her strong cultural heritage, she has managed to create her own saga. « When it comes to jewels, one needs the best from all over the world and…. nothing else ! ». Her choice of jewels is remarkable and admired.

To share one’s knowledge is both natural and amiable. Jewels and stones have a soul, a life, and a destiny. They are at once powerful and fragile. One must love them and cuddle them, and they should be offered to beautiful people: «J ewels are intimate objects ; they are the incarnation of our lives… and of those of our families. Some wonderful allies. Our closest friends. »

Place Vendôme « has been contending over her », yet Lady Blumfields prefers to choose among the magnificent creations of the past and the present of great jewelers.

«My style is my signature». It is made of «timeless jewels», which are – and always will be – the incarnation of perfection. A Lady Blumfields’ jewel is immediately recognizable, but first and foremost «wearable», she insists. It is not by chance that it was Lady Blumfields who introduced the notion of «all-day wear jewels», which can be worn from morning to evening and are perfect for every day and… forever.
To visit Lady Blumfields’ site and to choose a jewel means «to access the creative splendor of different ages, complemented by a profound culture and by the assurance of absolute quality and wearability.» It means to enter a dreamy world and yet discover it will be everyday’s reality.

«Jewels have no nationality, nor age. They are an element of style, the depiction of our life. Creating her own collection of jewels, a woman takes on her destiny.»
The list of Lady Blumfields’ customers is long and prestigious, but she won’t stop reminding us that «each destiny is unique» and that «every moment in life is accompanied by a jewel».

I created this site because I want every woman to gain access to beauty, creativity and wearability, since a life without jewels is sad and futureless… A jewel is the backbone of a wardrobe: it is an element of play, creativity and style.
Choosing and paying a careful attention to jewels from all ages and signatures, I intend to help my customers refine their style, as well as offer them playfulness and joie de vivre.
Enjoy your trip across this world of timeless, all-day-wear jewels.